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Tuesday, June 6th at 20:30 we will be holding the end of school year party at the Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani in Turin.

The event has been organized by the Prof.ssa Nicosia, who during the school year coordinated the Artistic Expression and Communication Laboratory -theater, scenography, and script – “Don’t Stop looking at the sky” will be performed.

The story is loosely based on “Copenhagen” by Michael Frayn, which narrates the lives of a group of adolescents who find themselves catapulted into a terrible current event: The explosion of a bomb. From this premise an “explosive” performance is born, thanks to which you will be able to travel between war, conflict, equivocations, prejudice, and the atomic bomb and at the same time live the fear but also the ingenuity and hope of the young protagonists.

Entrance free of charge. The monies collected will be donated to Sermig.