IB Presentation – May 30 2019

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IB Presentation – May 30 2019

GIOVEDI 30 maggio 2019 – ore 17,00

Prima parte: 17:00-18:30 : THE IB Diploma program at VIS

The first part of the evening is for incoming students, starting in September 2019, to the IB Diploma program. We will illustrate our course offerings and explain what you can expect to learn from each course.

17:00-17:10 What is the IB?

  • Recognition of the IB in Italy and Abroad

17:10-17:20 Which courses are offered at VIS and why?
17:20-18:20 Teachers present the course offerings

  • Group 1 Language and Literature for mother tongue
  • Group 2 Language Acquisition
  • Group 3 Social Sciences
  • Group 4 Sciences
  • Group 5 Mathematics
  • CORE: Theory of knowledge; Extended Essay; Creativity, Action, Service
  • Choosing a balanced curriculum

18:20-18:30 Q & A

Seconda parte: 18:30-19:30: The IB Diploma, a stepping stone on the path to your future

The second part of the evening is for all students who will be applying to Universities in Italy and abroad and who would like more information about what support we provide, and what families and students need to know.

18:30-20:00 Universities

  • How will your course choices affect your university choices?
  • How will your University course affect your career choices?
  • What should your plan of action be?
  • What do students and families need to do, and how VIS will support them in the process?