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Festa di Natale all’insegna della solidarietà e una bellissima sorpresa

Festa di Natale all’insegna della solidarietà e una bellissima sorpresa

Let’s start with the surprise: Vittoria High School has decided to assign to the best students of the second last year, both for the traditional high school and the IB Program a bursary in order to visit in summer 2019 the school-hostel Msolva Ujamaa in Tanzania, which received the donations of the Christmas market organized by Vittoria for the non-profit organization “Find the Cure”. This is what, the principal, Mrs Marcella Bodo announced this morning during the ceremony, highlighting with pride the great work done by our students, who successfully organized the Christmas market, “Find the Cure”. Since 2006, this project has invested the money collected in building new schools, orphanages, dispensaries, wells, refectories and it has been supporting programs connected with education and health in India, Central America and most of all, Africa.

Two voluntary workers from the organization, Ms Esther Ruggiero and Ms Emanuela Pagano, showed us photos of the children of Msolva Ujamaa who, also thanks to our students’ help, will be able to attend school and live in one of the hostels. They also read for us the touching words of some of the voluntary workers of “Find the Cure” about working with the children.

The students’ representative council handed the money and received the applause of the teachers and schoolmates for their wonderful work of coordination.

Surely the most beautiful and touching moment of the whole event, were the words spoken by Martina and Matteo, who reminded everyone present about the importance of enjoying what one has without complaining all the time, always keeping in mind people’s sufferings and misery and trying to help, not just with words but with facts.


Laboratori di lingua e cultura spagnola per tutti

Laboratori di lingua e cultura spagnola per tutti

Nella mattinata di giovedì 22 novembre, gli studenti del Vittoria (Liceo Linguistico Europeo e International School) hanno partecipato numerosi a un ciclo di laboratori di lingua e cultura spagnola. L’aula magna della nostra scuola ha ospitato, per il secondo anno consecutivo, ben 5 laboratori tenuti dal professore Enrique Garrido, docente madrelingua dell’Instituto San Fernando. Abbiamo colto l’occasione per coinvolgere anche i nostri studenti della Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici e della Laurea Magistrale in Interpretariato e Traduzione, che si sono esercitati nell’interpretazione simultanea in cabina muta durante gli incontri.

La mattinata è iniziata con un laboratorio dedicato ai più grandi sul patrimonio storico come risorsa economica. In seguito, i ragazzi di prima hanno partecipato a un incontro intitolato Fiestas y tradiciones. In piccoli gruppi e partendo da una serie di fotografie fornite dal docente, gli studenti si sono avvicinati alle feste spagnole più importanti e hanno scoperto il significato di parole come chupinazo o ninots.

Il terzo incontro (Aprende con arte) prevedeva che alcuni degli studenti diventassero pittori per un giorno e, seguendo le indicazioni in spagnolo fornite dai loro compagni, cercassero di rappresentare nero su bianco alcuni quadri di pittori famosi come Picasso, Goya, Velázquez o Miró.

El español por el mundo. Ecco il titolo del quarto laboratorio. Sulle note di Gloria Estefan, il professore Enrique Garrido ha fornito una panoramica sulla distribuzione geografica della seconda lingua più parlata al mondo.

Infine, per concludere in bellezza, abbiamo ripercorso insieme la storia della lingua spagnola nell’incontro dal titolo La evolución del español.

Ringraziamo l’Instituto San Fernando e, in particolare, il professore Enrique Garrido per l’opportunità, e speriamo di poter riaverli presto tra di noi.

Intensive language training week

Intensive language training week

The class of 2019 IGCSE and IB, will be spending this week of intensive language training in Toledo Spain or Vichy France. Students will enjoy the hospitality of local families, study at prestigious schools alongside native speakers in the mornings and explore new territories, foods and cultural events in the afternoons.

These trips are part of a long-running exchange between these two cities and VIS in the spring we will be the hosts to the students who were kind enough to welcome us into their homes in this fall. Every year students return energized by their experiences and with a solid preparation for the certification exams for DELE and DELF later this year.

VIS has a long tradition of excellence in languages; our students consistently have stellar results in standardized testing thanks to projects like these as well as talented and passionate teachers.

We wish the class of 2019 a wonderful week.

Beginning of 2018-19 school year

Beginning of 2018-19 school year

VIS begins the 2018-2019 school year with three team building projects. The First IB is spending a week at the Abbazia di Santa Fede engaged in activities aimed at building class unity, launching CAS and building connections to the environmental projects, we will be working on all year. Scientist and Artist Deborah Maw will be leading a tidy up project which explores the river, and the damage pollution has on the natural environment. The TV channel Leonardo will be interviewing our students.

The Second ICE is leaving for Val Troncea where Ms. Benzi (Science) Ms. Fioretti (Geography) and Ms. Murray (English) will be building the team while doing fieldwork for Science and Geography.

The First ICE will be riding horses, canoeing and enjoying each other’s company in Castagneto Po. Rachel Brooks of English Summer Camp leads the first ICE and 1st IB projects. Rachel has been an invaluable resource to the school and our students.



Congratulations to the class of 2018, both the IB and the IGCSE. Monday, September 4th, students, teachers, staff and the entire Victoria family gathered to honor the accomplishments of our graduating students. The atmosphere was wonderful, the weather perfect and a great time was had by all. We were even joined from remotely by one of our student’s already in New York where he has begun the year at NYU.

Good luck to all of you!

Thank you Alexia Martucci 2nd IB for the lovely photographs



It is with great pleasure that we publish an email sent to one of our teachers from an alumnus who graduated from our IB course in 2015. A wonderful example of academic success and the realization of a dream. Brava Maria Consolata and thank you for letting us participate in your happiness.

“Dear teacher,

How are you? When I manage to come to Turin, it is for less than a week. For this reason, I have not had a chance to stop by and say hello. I thought I would write you an email to update you on my various adventures since I left the IB.

The first stop was in London where I finished my BA in War Studies at Kings College London. I finished in March, and I am looking forward to graduation in July.

During my vacations in the last three years, I have lived briefly in different countries.
The first year I studied in the Netherlands and Berlin for a few months.
The second year I worked as a strategist in South Africa at Cape Town, on the Human Rights Commission of South Africa. I worked for the Department of Law and Advocacy. My first role was as a consultant to individuals whose rights had been violated, subsequently, to decrease the frequency of human rights abuses I designed an actuation plan in the field, depending on the location, I interacted with a wide range of different people.
Now I am in New York at the Mission of the Sovereign Order of Malta at the UN! What an exceptional Internship, I could not have asked for more. Since I was seven years old, I have dreamed of working here so it is indeed a dream come true.

In September I will move once again, just so that I don’t leave a city off my list. In Geneva, I will start my Masters in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute. They offered me a part-time internship today at a mission in the Geneva United Nations.

After this Masters, which lasts two years, I will work with an international organization similar to the one I am at now. Hopefully, before then, I will manage to find the time to come and see you!

Voilà! Here is the summary of my wanderings over the last three years. How are you? How are the projects for the Quotidiano in Classe going? It is essential to understand Dante, but it is also important to know what is happening now in the world that surrounds us. Keep up the good work…many students will be grateful! I am sending you a picture of me now at the United Nations, that way you can add it to the photo you have of me at the Comenius Project which we did together in 2014!


Maria Consolata Spano| BA (Hons) War Studies King’s College London| Italian, English, French, German


Festa di fine anno scolastico

Festa di fine anno scolastico

Monday,June 4th , 20:45. Scuola Holden Theatre Hall, very special night for all of us from Vittoria!

International Math Championship in Bardonecchia

International Math Championship in Bardonecchia

Our most brilliant Mathematics students from the Vittoria International School joined 400 others from around the world for a weekend of full immersion mathematics in Bardonecchia. The conference was exclusively in English and students participated in games and competitions. Congratulations to Domitilla Bacon 1st IB who was one of the winners of the International Treasuer Hunt. For more information see the video clip from Rai Tv.

Boosting ESL student’s productive skills: this is how we see it

Boosting ESL student’s productive skills: this is how we see it

The Network of Cambridge Schools in Italy held their annual conference in Milan this March 19th, and 20th. Marcella and Alessandra Bodo, as well as the Coordinator Deborah Gutowitz were active participants in the administrative part of the conference.

Two of our experienced IGCSE teachers, Susan Phillips and Andrea Serra. were a key reference for the network of IGCSE English teachers in Italy. They lead two workshops with over 50 participants on Teaching English as a Second Language


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